John serves as both a Jail Chaplain and as one of our Evening Chaplains.

John attended college in California after attending Lutheran schools through 8th grade and a public high school. Aside from schooling, he has attended ministry-related workshops and seminars and he has participated in four short-term mission trips to Haiti. John first became involved in the Jail Ministry of the Norfolk Rescue Mission in 2012.


“I was raised in a Christian family (Lutheran/Missouri Synod), baptized as an infant and confirmed in 8th grade. My life was centered on self thru age 22. I was living a reckless life which involved alcohol, dangerous drugs and chasing women. Years later, I could see that God was protecting me during this time despite all my foolishness. My parents told me that they never stopped praying for me through these rebellious years. I am sure God was trying to get my attention for many years; I finally listened in the mid-’80s. I realized that if I didn’t have a life-change, I was going to end up in the hospital or worse. I dumped the girl I was using; I called my friend Doug (who had been an atheist but was born-again at age 19). I told Doug that I wanted to go to church with him. I got involved at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and could not get enough of it! My life has been God’s ever since. While At Calvary Chapel, I was baptized in the ocean as a believer.”


Some of John’s hobbies include woodworking, tinkering with (and riding) bicycles, riding his motorcycle Rose, and working on projects around the house with his kids.


John and his wife Laura have 3 daughters and 1 son.

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