Donate Food and Other Kitchen Items

As the Norfolk Rescue Mission operates solely through donations and since we serve three meals a day here, we are always looking for items to put to good use in our kitchen/food pantry. Here is a current list of those items that we could use in our kitchen:

Laundry detergent

Meat (of any kind, but especially hamburger and chicken breast)

Paper/plastic products (plates, napkins, paper towels, cutlery)

Fresh produce (fruit and vegetables)

Canned fruit

Any canned foods

Lipton onion soup mix

Cream of mushroom soup

Cream of celery soup

Vegetable oil

Non-stick spray

Brown sugar

Powdered sugar


Trash bags (13- and 39-gallon sizes)

New large frying pans

Instant potatoes


Coffee creamer

Scalloped potatoes

Pasta / noodles

Pasta sauce

Chicken or Beef bouillon

Cheese (especially shredded)


Floor cleaner

Dish detergent


Juice drinks

Ranch dressing

New cutting knives

This list will be updated periodically, and so feel free to keep checking our current needs.

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