Freedom Phase

Once disciples arrive at the Freedom phase, they are halfway done with the New Life Program. There is a rigorous class schedule on this phase as well.

Class List

  • How to Study the Bible, a class that utilizes proper Bible Study methods
  • Christian Conduct, a class that takes students through the Bible book of James
  • Biblical Finances, a class that equips disciples to handle their money from a Biblical approach
  • Experiencing God, a class that teaches disciples to know and do the will of God
  • Overcomers, a continuation from the Firm Foundation phase
  • Theology, a class that helps disciples understand several key doctrines of the Christian faith
  • Men’s Bible Study,  a continuation from the Firm Foundation phase
  • Christian Character, a class that studies different character traits that Christians should aspire to have
  • Electives, a continuation from the Firm Foundation phase

Class Resources

  • Living by the BookHow to Study the BibleLiving by the Book, by Howard Hendricks


  • JamesChristian ConductStudy Guide for the Book of James, by Lyman Coleman and Richard Peace


  • Biblical Financial StudyBiblical FinancesBiblical Financial Study, published by Crown Financial Ministries


  • Experiencing GodExperiencing God – Experiencing God: Revised and Expanded, by Henry & Richard Blackaby, and Claude King


  • Basic TheologyTheologyBasic Theology, by Charles Ryrie



  • Men’s Bible Study – Self-made material 
  • Christian Character – Self-made material
  • Electives – Self-made material

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